What is commercial real estate ?

If a person was asked ’what is commercial real estate, a flippant response could be ‘Anything that is not residential real estate’ and that would be reasonably close.

We all recognise shops, offices and industrial sheds as commercial but it also covers medical, storage sheds, hotel and motels, infrastructure such as airports, specialty commercial property like child care centres, service stations and car wash.

Therefore, commercial property is any buildings or land used to generate a profit either from rental income, capital gain or a combination of both.

If considering commercial property, it is best to understand the business behind the tenant. That is part of the reason retail and office commercial property is popular with many first time investors in commercial property.

Commercial Property Buyers Agency has a team of professionals that will help you understand the various processes involved in purchasing your next commercial property.

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5P's of commercial properties

What do you want to achieve? Are you getting more than 3 or 4 % gross return? What type of commercial property should you consider ? What timeframe?

What type of property ? What location ? Budget (purchase price+stamp duty and legals + interest)

Search, telephone agent, ask for information memorandum, perform a mini due-diligence, follow the process including organising building and pest inspection

Appoint property manager, ensure interest and outgoings covered for first month, diarise rent review, check utilities and other amenities including insurance

Adding value to the property (ATM, solar and advertising signage), develop vacant land, storage cages in car parks, splitting the floor area into multiple tenancies

Types of Commercial Properties

Commercial property covers a wide range of properties and listed below are the main types of properties that we search for on behalf of our clients:

retail strip of shops, shopping centres, bulk stores like Officeworks, A Mart

stand alone, strata, single storey or multi storey

doctors, dentist and allied professionals

light, heavy manufacturing, factories

light, heavy manufacturing, factories

hotels, motels, caravan parks

Hotels, motels, caravan parks, restaurants

Storage Sheds Buy complex not individual units




  • high rise buildings in CBD



  • Warehouse
  • storage sheds
  • Hotel and Leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Child Care Centres
  • Service Stations
  • Car wash

These properties may be in the CBD of cities, in suburbs or in regional towns



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