Daintree Bne Pty Ltd trading as Commercial Property Buyers Agency is a fully licensed real estate agency in Queensland but we do not sell real estate. CPBA is a company specialising in the purchase of commercial property on behalf of our clients.

We match our client’s requirements for good tenants, long leases and great rental yields with available properties.

There are many selection criteria for commercial property but our primary purchasing criteria for any Commercial Property is; “Would we buy this property for our property portfolio?” If the answer is no or maybe then we continue the search for that property that we would buy. The value of properties and location may differs as will the types of property but the fundamentals regarding whether it is a property that we would be happy to own doesn’t.
Commercial real estate can be very profitable and have great income but it takes considerable time, experience, market knowledge, extensive contacts, research skills, due diligence and tenacity to find that top performer. Chose the wrong property, in the wrong area and it could lead to high vacancy rates and a financial disaster.

We are very active in the Commercial property real estate market and are in regular contact with our network of commercial real estate agents. This helps us stay up to date with the various property markets and also we hear about any off market or pre listing deals that are available.

Our primary areas of focus are in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, states that we are licenced in and which provide great opportunities to purchase good commercial properties. Generally our target towns are with populations of over 10,000 showing growth and a diversified economic base.

We act with integrity and honesty in the interest of you, our client. Our advice is unbiased and completely objective.

We never earn any commission from the seller, builders or developers nor do we ever share commission with selling agents.

Discretion and privacy is of utmost importance. We will happily work with your Finance Broker, Solicitor and Accountant but only after we have your approval to do so. All discussions are kept confidential.


Brian Mc Nicol, our CEO, started his working life as an accountant then as a financial planner and tax consultant before entering government for a six week project resulting in other work over a 19 year period. Over the years, Brian has looked at nay investment opportunities and dabbled in the sharemarket for a number of years building a portfolio of blue chip and Penny Dreadfuls.

His own property journey has stretched over many decades with the first residential property being purchased in 1975. His commercial property journey started in the 1990’s and Brian has been involved in purchasing, leasing and fitout and building his own portfolio of commercial properties.

Brian is also the author of a number of books, a speaker and developer of a number of online courses.

Brian is a fully licenced real estate agent in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Brian has spoken at a number of large events but prefers talking to small groups or one-on-one with other investors.

Today Brian focuses mainly on commercial property both as an investor and as a buyer’s agent through his company Commercial Property Buyers Agency Australia. Contact Brian McNicol on 0412 430 713 or cpbuyersagency@gmail.com

So normally doctors, solicitors or accountants, once they’re established, if they’re comfortable where they are and they don’t have desires to rapidly expand or to be bought out, normally they’re going to be good long-term tenants.
Brian McNicol
In terms of our lifestyle and the income that we were receiving from our commercial properties exceeds above $200,000 per year. I still liked purchasing commercial properties for others as a buyers agency. I liked finding and negotiating for my clients (buyers).
Brian McNicol
Unlike residential properties that have a 6 to 12-month lease, commercial properties have longer leases (sometimes three, five years or possibly longer). Normally the tenants are responsible for the repairs and maintenance within the tenancy. Again, it depends on what’s actually written in the lease document.
Brian McNicol



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